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inauguracio adria2 aguilera2
Opening event Ferran Adrià Acosta
Gaudí in gastronomy, is it possible?
Alejandro Aguilera González
Gaudí beyond the borders of Spain
almuzara2 avinoa2 bonet
José Manuel Almuzara Pérez
Gaudí can only ever be understand through faith
Xosé Aviñoa
Antoni Gaudí a reformist inspired by Wagnerian mysticism
Jordi Bonet Armengol
The monument to Bishop Torras i Bages in the Passion façade of La Sagrada Familia
burkhardt2 caruncho2 cirlot
Berthold Burkhardt
Monitoring and management of monuments consevation in Germany
Fernando Caruncho Torga
Truth and Garden
Lourdes Cirlot Valenzuela
Final presentation
craseman2 rosapablo darnai
Christiane Crasemann Collins
Speech by Christiane Crasemann Collins, Honor Presidency Co-Chair
Rosa Cruz & Pablo Santaolalla
The Crypt in Colonia Güell. A photographic Corpus for research.
Verena Darnai
Reconstruction of the columns in the Church of the Colònia Güell
dellai ferk flores2
Daria Dellai
Variants on Gaudí’s planning of the choir in the church at the Colònia Güell
Thomas Ferk
Gaudí’s second hanging model – attempt at a reconstruction of the model and of the architectural project
Carlos Flores López
Presentation of the documentary about Dr. Carlos Flores by Pere Jordi Figuerola
luciapaula gomez2 graefe
Lucía Font & Paula Sánchez
Gaudí and the Avant-garde’s (under the direction of Francesc Fontbona de Vallescar)
Josep Vicent Gómez Serrano
Gaudí’s Workshop studio
Rainer Graefe
Leonid Demyanov / Reconstruction of the Church of the Colònia Güell and interpretation of the architecture
kent2 knaup antonlyumbinkin
Conrad Kent
George R. Collins contribution to Gaudí studies
Peter Knaup
Photographing the architecture of Antoni Gaudí in black and white
Anton Lyubimkin
Video visualisation of the reconstructed church at the Colònia Güell
lyumbinkina marin2 marti
Katja Lyubimkina
Daylight and color studies inside and outside of the church of the Colònia Güell
Marià Marin i Torne
Congress conclusions
Josep M. Martí Bonet
Gaudí evocations of his disciples and admirers in the days after his death
masso2 medarde2 molema2
Jaume Massó Carballido
Antoni Gaudí (Reus 1852-Barcelona 1926) and his friendship with Eduard Toda (Reus 1855-Poblet 1941)
Manuel Medarde Sagrera
The Colònia Güell: Gaudí’s laboratory
Jan Molema
The egg of Columbus, the egg of Gaudí
mollet2 muntanola2 joseppadro
Anna Mollet Guilera
Ballesguard, Gaudí at his most symbolic and unknown
Josep Muntañola Thornberg
The evolution of architects minds: Is Gaudí a forerunner?
Josep Padro Margo
The church of Gaudí in Colonia Güell. Whatsoever, we love it.
puig2 ramirez sama2
Arnau Puig Grau
De re gaudiniana
Dídac Ramírez Sarrió
Antonio Sama García
On Gaudí and the method of composition: talking architecture
santana sotoo2 subias
Galdric Santana Roma
The ratchet for the planned bell tower for the church at the Colònia Güell, a never-completed campanology work by Gaudí. 1914
Etsuro Sotoo
Looking where Gaudí looked
Pia Subias Pujadas
The arts of the earth, the crypt at the Colònia Güell
torii tarrago2 tarragona
Toshiake Tange
Inaugural conference of Arata Isozaki uttered by Toshiake Tange
Salvador Tarragó Cid
Some questions about the Colònia Güell and its Crypt
Josep Maria Tarragona Clarasó
Chartres Cathedral, Gaudí and the Sagrada Família
teh tomlow2 torii2
Hou Teh-Chien
The God, Gaudí naturalism and Dragon
Jos Tomlow
Methodological aspects of historic hanging models in comparison with Gaudí’s work
Tokutoshi Torii
Height of the domes at the Sagrada Família
walz imatge_negre
Arnold Walz
Extending the form of Architecture
Colònia Güell
Day congress in Colonia Güell.
Congressional session and visit to the crypt.
Opening of the headquarters of The Gaudí Research Institute.
Visit the colony and gala dinner

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