Gaudi 1st World Congress

The Congress will present a new story about Gaudí to the scientific community:

Presentation of unpublished studies, documents and works by Gaudí. Focus on the Church at Colònia Güell, laboratory and genesis of the new forms by Gaudí and his revolutionary ways of working.

Focus on the idea of an all-round Gaudí, his values, solutions and current practical applications in the 21st century, in fields like architecture, engineering, design, business, creativity, tourism and audiovisual.

New Opportunities: MBA and other Master’s, University Chairs, news fields of research…

Acknowledge work by international researchers.

The first edition of this series of conferences focuses mainly, though not exclusively, on the church at Colònia Güell church, and analyses its applications.

Considering the areas covered by the conference, it may be of interest to the following:

In the field of research, scholars and researchers dealing with the work, social thought and historic environment of Antoni Gaudi, as well as the artist’s areas of interest, from social issues and sport to culture and spirituality, and scholars and researchers who wish to present papers or share the results of their research or keep up with the latest developments in Gaudí studies.

In the creative field, companies and organisations working with models, methods, processes and systems derived from Gaudi’s works.