The Universidad of Barcelona, The Gaudí Research Institute and Gaudí Barcelona Projects invites you to take part in the Gaudí World Congress and discover an unknown Gaudí. All conference will showcase a new account of Gaudí to the international scientific community.

• Starting point: new discoveries and research on Gaudí. Promotion of all-round Gaudí, his values and his creative, multidisciplinary and innovative character and how this can be applied in the 21st century.

• International recognition of experts and universities worldwide for their research, conservation and promotional work.

• Raising awareness of World Heritage Sites to ensure their conservation.

In collaboration with the University of Barcelona

• Joint organisation of seven biennial conferences (advance programme):

2014 – Gaudí, the laboratory of genius and the origin of forms: the Church of Colònia Güell.

2016 – Gaudí, a mysterious and fascinating new world: Park Güell and the Bellesguard house

2018 – Gaudí, the secrets of the East: Casa Vicens, El Capricho and Güell Pavilions.

2020 – Gaudí, from tradition to innovation: Palau Güell, Teresian School, Episcopal Palace of Astorga, Casa Botines, Cellers Güell and Casa Calvet.

2022 – Gaudí, the Dreamsmaker: Casa Batlló and Casa Milà.

2024 – Gaudí, the hidden genius of the future: unknown projects and researches around the world.

2026 – Gaudí, the new architecture: the end of the Sagrada Família.