Discover this unique, universal genius with seven buildings listed as World Heritage

The genius of Antoni Gaudí Cornet has often been studied from purely superficial angles. However, to understand his work and his universal significance it is necessary to delve more deeply into his personality and his considerable scientific and academic baggage. Gaudí’s work tells us that he was an inimitable, revolutionary architect for his day, but the path that led him to these concepts and creations of international significance is little known, as are his innovative contributions in many other fields (engineering, design, sustainability, etc).
The 1st Gaudí World Congress was held in 2014. Here a hundred experts from every continent presented their research on Gaudí and his academic and scientific legacy, which is still entirely relevant in the 21st century.
It might be thought that there is little left to discover about Gaudí, but this is not the case. He was a practically unknown figure until the recent popularisation of his buildings thanks to the phenomenon of tourism. This means that only now is his genius being appreciated as it deserves, and his work has become spectacularly popular.
These courses set out to delve more deeply into the personality and work of Antoni Gaudí in an innovative, academic way.