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A World Club to collaborate in international research and innovation projects helping young talent from around the world, projects led by The Research Institute at Gaudí Gaudí Chair at the University of Barcelona.

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The press talks about the II Gaudí Congress in Barcelona (10 October, 2016)

The Second Gaudí World Congress had a great impact on the press since different newspapers spoke about the event.

Although there have been several topics of interest and highlighted by the newspapers, we should mention the main issue that has generated more noise in the press; the unpublished work of Gaudí, until now never discovered.

As Xavier Jové, author of the finding in El Pais said, “It is a color image of a young Gaudí, done around 1878, just after the race of Architecture and whose fate could be the border university”. Jové found the portrait of Gaudí in a website which was selling old photographs.

In addition, Jové also discovered two other unpublished photographs related to Gaudí:
· An image of 1913-15 destroyed a part of the Larrard house, now defunct and that was part of Park Guell.
· Another photograph of a drawing of the project of the Sagrada Familia.

Still, they have been a lot of newspapers / portals that have referred to the Congress, for example:

El País
La Vanguardia
El Confidencial
El Periódico
Catalunya Vanguardista
El Nacional
La Razón

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Gaudi arrives to China and inaugurates the Second Gaudi Congress (5 April, 2016)

The Second World Congress on Gaudí, organized by The Gaudi Research Institute and the University of Barcelona, ​​will continue the biennial meeting of world experts on the great Catalan architect which opened in 2014, and will be distributed in 2016 between two locations: Shanghai ( 21 to 23 June) and Barcelona (5 to 7 October).

The original quote from Barcelona will add, from this year, an additional program sessions will exchange views among European specialists and Asian, in the town of Anting, in the Chinese city of Shanghai, although far from the city center.

Nearby, in Malu, a town of Shanghainese suburban Jiading District, in a secluded rural area northwest of the metropolis, has presented today officially the second world congress of Gaudi in a new location, called Gaudí Space, which it will be devoted to disseminate the work, the documentary legacy and vision of the world of Spanish artist.

Initially born as an appendix to the Research Center Gaudí, linked to the Gaudí Chair at the University of Barcelona.

Gaudí China Space will also feature an adjacent restaurant, which will feature Mediterranean cuisine inspired by the principles of Gaudí, and will by inspired in the world of Catalan creator, a project by the Spanish hotelier group paradis garden.

Also it is been explored the possibility that this study center in China is over becoming a permanent museum on Gaudí in the Asian giant, with models, studies and some of the more than 5,700 objects and documents amassed by the Research Center Gaudí .

The main driver of that Congress has spread to China is the Taiwanese architect Hou Teh-Chien, who in 1978 studied Spanish in Argentina and Uruguay for four years, then to travel to Barcelona to investigate Gaudí, given its powerful intuition that had much in common with the East.

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On 26 March 2016 the instruction to high executives has began in Shanghai Gaudí Center (28 March, 2016)


Gaudí Barcelona and Gaudí Shanghai Projects Projects have organized the first training courses for managers in China based on the policy and business planning capacity that Antoni Gaudi had. These courses have the scientific and academic advice of the The Gaudí Research Institute –Headquarters of Antoni Gaudí Chair of the University of Barcelona and Fudan University.

In these courses, creativity, reflection and analysis are enhanced, considering activities related to trading, leadership and management that Chinese executives find in day to day work. Thus, in an simple, practical and understandable way, they learn concrete professional technical in order to improve efficiency in the implementation of processes, standards and guidelines. Those attending courses managers have the opportunity to discover that Gaudí is a unique business model innovation.

For information:
Tel; + 86-21-59166517

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The University of Barcelona and The Gaudí Research Institute create the Antoni Gaudi Chair (19 February, 2016)

The University of Barcelona and The Gaudí Research Institute (GRI) create the Chair UB – Antoni Gaudí in order to strengthen the research and divulgation of this great architect´s works. To achieve this, a team composed of teachers and students of the University will work together with TGRI in order to consult, catalog, search, transfer and give global knowledge of the work of Gaudí which will be formed from a polyhedral view. The creation of the chair has been promoted by Dra. Lourdes Cirlot, Vice President for International and Institutional Relations, and its director, Dr. Adolfo Sotelo Vázquez, dean of the Faculty of Philology of the UB.

With the creation of this chair, the University also pays homage to one of its most illustrious alumni, Antoni Gaudí i Cornet. As Adolfo Sotelo points out, “Gaudí, as other universal geniuses like Leonardo or Ramon Llull, covered a wide range of scientific and therefore research that nowadays has been of great help and deserves great admiration’. Along these lines, the chair will facilitate research work, documentation and catalogs for the work of students to undergraduate and master practices.

The new chair has its headquarters in TGRI´s facilities in the former factory of the Colonia Guell Tint (Santa Coloma de Cervello) and has also an office in the Historical Building of the UB. He also started operating a Gaudí Research Centre TGRI in Shanghai (China). The chair UB – Antoni Gaudí is sponsored by Learn Training (IMF group) and Gaudí Barcelona Projectes, leaders in distance higher education and dissemination of research, development and innovation based on Gaudí and also promoters of the Second World Congress on Gaudí.

DSC02566   DSC02575  DSC02713

Related news of the inauguration:


Event at St. Fernando “Gaudi and Mercy (13 February, 2016)

First exhibition of Gaudi and Mercy, which will take place from 12 to 19 February at the Convention and Exhibition Center “Cortes de la Real Isla de Leon” in San Fernando, Cadiz.

The 12th it was possible to asist the conference that was conducted by the architect D. Jose Manuel Almuzara, president of the Association pro Beatification of Antoni Gaudí and had the collaboration of the soprano Mrs. Rocío Martínez and the pianist Dr. Manuel José Ruiz Segarra.

“Gaudí and Mercy” is an act with comments, pictures, music and singing, based on the words of Pope Francisco in relation to mercy and as this occurs in the life and work of Gaudí.

In addition, you can visit the exhibition “Gaudí and mercy” in the Convention and Exhibition Centre from 12 to 19 February.

Event sponsored by The Gaudi Research Institute and Gaudi Barcelona Projects

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Opera recital in benefit of the Syrian refugees (12 February, 2016)

On 11 February, the Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus performed in benefit of the Syrian refugees in Anjara, Jordan, a opera recital with the collaboration among others of The Gaudi Research Institute and Gaudi Barcelona Projects.

The opera recital took place in the church of Sant Felip Neri in Barcelona and counted with the artistic collaboration of Marianna Prizzon-Coppe (soprano), Gisela Griera Villamayor (mezzosoprano), Mar Esteve and Rodrigo (soprano, Olatz Gorrotxategi (soprano) Eduard Moreno (Baritone), Graham Lister (pianist).

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Presentation of the book “Grandfather, you come with me to the Holy Family?” by Montse Cardoner (2 February, 2016)

Day February 2, 2016 took place the presentation in the Diocesan Museum of Barcelona of the book “Grandfather, you come with me to the Holy Family?”, which is an adaptation by Mrs. Montse Cardoner about a story written by his father, the architect Francisco de P. Cardoner y Blanch, director of works of the Holy Family (1981-1985). The presentation was given by the same author, Mn. Josep M. Martí Bonet, director of the museum and the architect José Manuel Almuzara, president of the Association pro Beatification of Antoni Gaudí. Event sponsored by Gaudí Barcelona Projects and The Gaudi Research Institute.

IMG_4413 IMG_4433

Presentation of the book “The mind of Gaudi” by Isidre Puig Boada (27 January, 2016)

On 26 January 2016 took place in the Diocesan Museum of Barcelona the presentation of the new book by the architect and disciple of Gaudi, Isidre Puig Boada “The thought of Gaudi” conducted by Mn. Lluís Bonet i Armengol. In addition to the translator intervened Mn. Josep M. Martí Bonet, director of the museum and Eveli Puig Doria, son of the author. Event sponsored by Gaudí Barcelona and Gaudí The Research Institute.

CAM04728 IMG_4399 (1)

The UB and The Gaudi Research Institute organize the Second Gaudí World Congress (4 January, 2016)

In October 2016 the Historical Building of the University of Barcelona will host the Second World Congress on Gaudí (Gaudí 2nd World Congress, Barcelona 2016). The university hosted in October 2014 the first world congress dedicated to Antoni Gaudí, with about 350 attendees from around the world, among which there were researchers and scholars of great prestige. This second edition is the addition of three new day session in Shanghai, in collaboration with Fudan University and the support of the City of Shanghai.

Precisely, the 5th and 7th of December the Congress was presented in Shanghai. On Saturday 5, there was the presentation on the new headquarters of the Research Center of Gaudí, coinciding with the opening of this space. On Monday 7, official receptions and business meetings in the city of Shanghai and Fudan University were held. Several goubernamental agencies have joined as partners of the conference: the Architectural Society of China, the China Cuisine Association or the National Association of Architects of Taiwan, among others.

The objective of making this conference in Asia is to acknowledge the great work that has been done in this continent around the figure of Gaudí, both in the aspect of dissemination and research. For this reason, they will participate in the congress major Asian architects of today: Wang Shu, Toyo Ito, CY Lee, Kunio Watanabe, Kuo-Chao Lee, etc; with personalities from more than fifty universities and institutions such as UNESCO, the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) or Sites and Neighborhood of the Modern Movement (Docomomo). Fudan University, one of the oldest and most prestigious in China and throughout Asia, is a leader in the study of the humanities. It was founded in 1905, shortly before the end of the Qing dynasty, and now always among the top twenty universities in Asia and worldwide. He is a member of the C9 League and Universitas 21.

The 2nd World Congress on Gaudí is a biennial event organized by The Gaudí Research Institute with the University of Barcelona, where Antoni Gaudí received the title of architect in 1878. Currently, the University of Barcelona has among its assets the pavilions Finca Güell, selected to join the 2014 Watch, the World Monuments Fund (WMF) program.
The conference will take place from 25 to 27 April 2016 in Shanghai and 5 to 7 October in Barcelona.

The congress will pay tribute to Gaudí, the only artist with eight works declared World Heritage by UNESCO, and international figures who have studied the person and work of the master. While not the sole issue, the 2nd World Congress will focus on Gaudí, the Park Guell and Torre Bellesguard, and the latest research on these jewels of humanity to ensure its preservation will be presented. Furthermore, the international scientific community and the general public, the current state of research and new findings on Gaudí and his work will be presented; as well as the immense field of current implementation of these searches. In this sense, application of the method of work of Gaudí and his great creative inspiration in fields like architecture will be engineering, design, sustainability, social welfare, the arts, and even business management, gastronomy and sports and health.

The promoters of this global event are Gaudi Barcelona Projects and Gaudi Shanghai Projects, world leaders in disseminating the research, development and innovation based on Gaudí. This year they will pay tribute to two of the main contributors in these events, transferred in 2015: the architects Frei Otto Bosch and Josep M. Aymerich. Dr. Frei Otto, 2015 Pritzker Architecture Prize, was the driving force of scientific research on Gaudí in Europe. Dr. Josep M. Bosch Aymerich was a direct witness of the presentations that made Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius on Gaudí at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

More information:

Meeting with Pope Francisco (17 December, 2015)

The “Gaudí and mercy” Project was presented to Pope Francisco on December 16, 2015.


For more information in the official website click

Event sponsored by The Gaudi Research Institute and Gaudi Barcelona Projects

Inauguration of the Gaudi Shanghai Center (3 December, 2015)

Today in Shanghai the GAUDI SHANGHAI CENTER has been inaugurated, a project led by Dr. Hou Teh Chien, member of the GAUDI WORLD CONGRESS advisor committee, and by GAUDÍ BCN PROJECTS.

The center has been created as a joint venture to disseminate the life and work of Antonio Gaudi throughout Asia and the Pacific from its headquarters in Shanghai, China.

One of the first acts of dissemination that THE GAUDI SHANGHAI CENTER will do consists in the celebration of the 2nd Gaudi World Congress, which will take place in Barcelona and Shanghai next 2016. Also in collaboration with the GAUDI CHAIR of the Univeristy of Barcelona and THE GAUDI RESEARCH INSTITUTE (TGRI) we´ll begin to offer courses in collaboration with the Fudan University.

fudan inaugutation

Samsung supports The Gaudí Exhibition Center with its latest technology (13 October, 2015)

After six months of renovations, The Gaudí Exhibition Center has opened and it has a unique collection dedicated to the life and work of architect Antoni Gaudí. As a technologic partner and adviser of the museum, Samsung provides the latest LFD technology for large format video wall solutions, as well as collaborating in the development of exclusive content for the exhibition Walking with Gaudí. Visitors to the center, located in the heart of Barcelona, may well live innovative experiences in the field of virtual reality, thanks to Samsung Innovator Edition Gear VR, or enjoy augmented reality and interactive content to complement the visit, thanks to the multimedia guide app installed on Samsung smartphones.

This collaboration is part of Samsung’s commitment to the cultural sector, strengthening with its most innovative technology with the legacy of creativity and sustainability of Antoni Gaudí.

“Samsung has a strong commitment to the world of culture and therefore it is an honour to participate as a technological partner in the exhibition ‘Walking with Gaudí’, which now sees the light in Gaudí Exhibition Center, a space destined to become a referent of art and culture internationally. Thanks to the latest technology from Samsung and innovative gene present in the DNA of the company, all visitors can discover and feel the work and figure of the brilliant architect in a different, sensible and interactive way, “says Celestino Garcia, Corporate Vice President of Samsung Spain.


Walking with Gaudi opens its doors! (13 October, 2015)

The Walking with Gaudí exhibition has opened his doors: a unique collection dedicated to the figure and works of the brilliant architect Antoni Gaudí. The exhibition can be seen at the Gaudí Exhibition Center , a new space situated in the recently reformed Museu Diocesà of Barcelona. The project, 100% privately financed has been pushed forward by Gaudí Barcelona Projects, firm in which the Andorran company Molines Patrimonis participates in collaboration with the Museu Diocesà of Barcelona as well as having the scientific assessment of the Gaudí Research Institute and the technical support of Samsung. It is a complete collection of pieces, objects and documents which will help to uncover the genius of this most universal of architects. The exhibition has 22 audio-visuals, multimedia spaces, 20 models, replicas and scenography sets and over 150 lineal metres of showcases and exhibition supports distributed over 3 floors making up a total of 1000 sq m. The Gaudí Exhibition Center provides technological equipment aimed at to stimulating the senses. Samsung technology allows us to experience an innovative virtual reality and to enjoy the augmented reality and interactive content designed to complement the visit.

Lectures 2014 now available! (12 October, 2015)

All the lectures offered by the best experts of Gaudi First World Congress are now available! To acquire them you must register and follow the steps through the buying process. Click the Lectures 2014 box and proceed to have them!

Heartfelt thanks—We won’t forget you (1 May, 2015)

We regret to announce the deaths of Dr Josep Maria Bosch Aymerich, one of the leading lights in the movement to celebrate Gaudí in Catalonia and a member of the Advisory Committee for the Gaudí Congress, and Dr Frei Otto, winner of the 2015 Pritzker Architecture Prize and a driving force behind scientific research into Gaudí in Europe.
Frei Otto Bosch Aymerich

The BBC and Gaudí (26 March, 2015)

A team from the BBC came to Barcelona to visit The Gaudí Research Institute’s new facilities at Colònia Güell and to interview Pere Jordi Figuerola, one of the promoters of the first world congress on Gaudí, held in Barcelona.

Foto BBC

Visit from ZHEJIANG University to TGRI (13 March, 2015)

On 13 May 2014 a delegation from Zhejiang University, in Hangzhou, paid a visit to the premises of the Gaudí Chair / The Gaudí Research Institute.

Foto 1 Univ.Zhejiang Foto 2 Univ. Zhejiang

Gaudí and Korea (25 January, 2015)

The 23 top baccalaureate students from South Korea were welcomed to the University of Barcelona. Later they attended a masterclass by Manuel Medarde (The Gaudí Research Institute) and José Manuel Almuzara (Friends of Gaudí)

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