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Gaudi World Congress

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We are an international organization with an aim to research, investigate and spread the revolutionary methodologies that Gaudi developed during his lifetime and apply them to create better society together with organisations and individuals.
Research and investigation

The only architect with 7 projects declared World Heritage Sites by Unesco

Organising Knowledge
Gaudi World Congress, together with the Gaudi Research Institute has an aim to study and collect all of the information of the undiscovered wonders of this universal genius.
Spreading the Knowledge
Through research, global congresses and supporting projects, we want to democratise the knowledge and contribute to the construction of a better future the way Gaudi would have done.
International Network

The largest network of experts and institutions worldwide

The Gaudi World Congress and the Gaudi Research Institute work closely together with more than 70 institutions and universities globally, having a wide range of worldwide experts collaborating with us. Their collaborative efforts are channeled into the study, preservation, and application of the knowledge about life and work of Antoni Gaudi who sparked the revolution in architecture and its effects on modern technology and sustainable innovation.
There's no reason not to try something new just because no one's done it before.
Gaudi World Congress 2018

Creative & Social View

Inspiring originality by going to the origins through creativity, society and sustainability

In 2018, we are delighted to present a completely re-invented Gaudi Wolrd Congress 2018. In a series of worldwide Congresses, the themes of design, creativity, sustainability and entrepreneurship will intersect and be discovered in keynote speeches, workshops and networking, always keeping focus on human interactions and creating better society.


Gaudi World Congress 2014

Gaudi World Congress 2016

Gaudi Originally inspired

The Way Gaudi

Interacted with the World

Gaudi, 100 years ago, put in practice procedures, methodologies and control systems that today we consider revolutionary innovation in so many different fields
Gaudi’s Method

Gaudi's polyhedral capacity to optimize and innovate in everything he did

Practical applications
Gaudi was the first architect and engineer to be able to create teams full of creative and complimentary talented people and be the leader to organise them efficiently.

How else can we explain the fact that in 1904, he could coordinate teams for the 15 of his buildings and projects simultaneously, some of them so complex as Sagrada Familia, Colonia Guell's Cript, restoration of Mallorca's cathedral, Casa Batlló, Park Guell or la Pedrera?

Launch your startup with Gaudi
Nowadays, we critically need products and services that were created with the environment and people in mind. This is why, we developed two ways to help young entrepreneurs build their start ups- through series of social hackathons and a Global Competition.

Learn from Gaudi’s ways to work
Apart from being an entrepreneur and a leader, Gaudi was also an expert in resource optimisation, teamwork, talent management and innovation techniques in every area of his professional life. Using Gaudi's Method, we strive to make the daily operations and practices of modern organisations more efficient, creative, sustainable and comfortable both for the final user and the workers.
Enjoy Gaudi’s life and work
Visiting Barcelona is not enough to get to know Gaudí. We are working closely with partners and educational institutions to create outstanding experiences. With our services, you can learn more about Gaudi's undiscovered secrets, get in touch with the things that filled his life and live Barcelona in a completely different way.